Stories about Money



We are not a traditional museum, but a place of encounter, i.e. a museion in the ancient Greek sense. Therefore, visitors often bring something they associate with money to the discussion: an emotion, a thought, a conviction.

The MoneyMuseum is aimed at a broad audience with a general interest in social, philosophical and historical topics. In particular, people who want to delve deeper into the background and conditions of our monetary system.

Stories about Money

Money is abstract. It was not always so. We take a look at the history of money in East and West. We want to make it comprehensible and have developed a map for this purpose. Material, time, power, relationship and exchange are explained in a simple and sensual way.

We look for knowledge and wisdom in old books, which help us to develop a view on the future of money. 

We offer a guide through a complex area. 

Stories from the Library

Our library tells how money came into being. What about before, when people were connected to each other without money? We discuss what consequences the development of modern credit money brought.

Stories from China

The common image of the emerging modern great power is characterized by the political leadership of the Chinese Communist Party. The idea of an authoritarian state first and foremost brings to mind restrictions and borders. But China is a diverse country with a far older history than we know in Europe. There are differences and fractures within the country and on its borders with its neighbors. These suggest spaces of freedom that we want to explore.

Actually, the lived diversity in today's China, which stands in contrast to the political talk of "Chinese characteristics", and thus the personal free spaces of the people in China is the most important starting point to understand from there society, economy and politics to the geopolitical. The contributions collected on this site, however, explore freedoms and boundaries in the opposite direction, from the geopolitical to the personal - in the hope that this will make it easier for you to get started.

Coins are windows
into the past.

We let selected coins from the collection of the MoneyMuseum speak. We thus invite you to a "journey through the world of money".

The MoneyMuseum

The MoneyMuseum is aimed at all those who are interested in social, philosophical and historical topics and would like to learn about the conditions of our monetary system.

Our goal is to encourage a deeper examination of money. Read more on our homepage:

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