Many Ways to get to the MoneyMuseum

The privately run museum in Zurich is well worth a visit. Like a magic bag, a room opens up in the residential quarter where everything revolves around money - and much more.

Many roads lead to the MoneyMuseum Zurich. Those arriving by public transport enjoy one of the shortest rides on a cable car: after 2 minutes, the Bähnli stops at the "Hadlaubstrasse" station - but only if you haven't forgotten to press the stop button.

It doesn't take much longer to walk to the museum, which is somewhat hidden in a residential neighborhood. As soon as you enter, you realize that you are in for an extraordinary place - even before you step one floor down into the aesthetically designed main room.


The MoneyMuseum was founded by Jürg Conzett in 1999 - initially online. Jürg Conzett, an enthusiastic coin collector since his childhood, wanted to make his work available to a larger public. Four years later, in 2003, the MoneyMuseum moves into its rooms on Hadlaubstrasse. Exhibitions, publications, videos, lecture and discussion series characterize the following years.

And today? In 2018, the MoneyMuseum reopened its doors after a renovation under the direction of architect Tilla Theus. Visitors experience many things here, but not a classic museum. The new concept follows the idea of a museion from ancient Greece, a place of exchange that offers space for debate with its library.

Payment and social relations

The entrance area is dedicated to traditional means of payment. Cowries, boar's teeth, pearl oysters, etc. - various phenomena appear all over the world.

Traditional means of payment must not be confused with money in our sense. They can only be seen in the context of social relationships. Looking at traditional means of payment offers a first opportunity to think out of the box.

Window into the world

In the basement, a large library opens up, containing books from the 16th century to the present day. What do books have to do with money, a visitor may ask? More than one might think. Books, like coins - especially those of earlier times - are windows inon the world.

Shiny coin box

Keyword coins: In addition to two large touchscreens, the MoneyMuseum features an exceptionally fine collection of denarii from the Roman Republic.

Those who have time and interest may take coins dating back to the 6th century BC out of the coin box - and place them back again.


The history of coins is not the same as the history of money. It is not until the long 16th century that a society that lives on money begins to emerge. Money becomes a necessity and ultimately a pure means of exchange. Anyone interested in the question of what money is will find stimulation to reflect on something we take for granted.

The MoneyMuseum is worth more than a single visit: the changing exhibition takes up new themes every six months and the library invites visitors to linger.


Arriving by cable car is only one of many options. Why not combine an easy tour on foot with a visit to the museum? From Zurich Zoo, a beautiful panoramic path leads to Rigiblick and on to the MoneyMuseum. Along the way, with a view of the city, you come across the Hotel Zürichberg, which invites you to take a first break.

A short tour starting at Irchelpark is charming and a bit more sporty. Urban terrain is replaced by forest until the Rigiblick opens up a view of the city after an hour. At lunchtime, you can strenthen yourself at the Rigiblick restaurant before walking along the Geissenweg along the Rigibahn and arriving at the MoneyMuseum.

Info in a nutshell


MoneyMuseum, Hadlaubstrasse 106, 8006 Zürich

Opening Hours

  • Thursday 9–18 on advance notification
  • Monday 2:30-5:30 pm on advance notification
  • Selected Fridays by appointment

How to get there by public transport

From Zürich Mainj Station take streetcar no. 10 (streetcar no. 9 from Zürich Bellevue) to Rigiblick cable car station, take the cable car to Hadlaubstrasse station, walk 5 minutes to the left.

On foot

  1. Hiking trail from Zurich Zoo, 30 minutes
  2. Hiking trail from Irchelpark, 60 minutes

Velo or Car

Bicyclists and motorists can easily find their way to the MoneyMuseum. Parking possibilities in the blue parking zone.

Highlights in the Museum

  • Exhibition "Traditional Means of Payment
  • Coins of the Roman Republic
  • Bibliophile books
  • Library
  • Special exhibitions
  • Minting coins
  • Personal tour of the museum


Visits by appointment on tel. +41 44 242 76 80 or on our website