Selected Stories

From the MoneyMuseum

Money from Aristoteles to Bitcoin

an outline in 7 chapters

With the MoneyMuseum library, we look for answers to the questions of how long money has existed, how money has become the dominant force in our society. Logical development or the end of history? Clever minds provide the answers.

The Money Map

We want to look at money critically. Not just practice a money critique, but money:critically. We discussed in groups over many weekends how to approach the topic about money systematically. Eske Bockelmann, author of the book "The Money", summarized the texts.

20 Coins that made History.

A brief history of money, from Mesopotamia to the USA.


12 money terms you have to know for any money discussion.

From money as a medium of exchange, exchange value and value in general to credit, financial markets and growth.

In the Rhythm of Money

Are we dancing to the beat of money? In the 16th century, the European world undergoes a tremendous change: now cities gain importance. Vibrant markets emerge and join together to form a transnational market for the first time in history. It is the birth of the market economy. Money becomes ubiquitous. And nothing less than a new consciousness emerges.


What it is that rules us.

Book in translation.

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